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How We Work

When you invest in training by SplitTestLab, you'll see that it quickly it pays for itself. We'll walk you through the testing process and methodology, and get you started with live A/B and multivariate tests on your pages. Training your writers, designers and technologists means you can start testing all the time. We're Google certified consultants. And we make it easy for you to get started fast.

Kickoff Brainstorm Session
Week 1
Website Audit
Week 2
Graphic User Interface Research
Week 2
Competitive Intelligence/Research
Week 2
Audit and Research Presentation
Week 3
Creative and Copywriting Training
Week 3
Code and Deployment Training
Week 3
Deploy Tests and Experiments
Week 4
Review Test Results
Week 4
Heaving Lifting
Light Lifting
Timely Results
SplitTestLab is a service of ideaLaunch, the leading hub for content marketing resources,
tools and services to grow your business organically–the content marketing way!

Boston, 9am to 6pm ET